Electrical Services in Florida, USA

We can handle your residential, commercial and industrial electrical needs.

Arc Flash Study

Experienced, proficient, and efficient in delivering accurate arc flash studies. Customized Arc Flash Services Tailored for You.

We provide a comprehensive arc flash study including full on-site evaluation, modeling, analysis drawing, fault current and coordination studies.

Your employees must know how to work around this hazard. We calculate the size of the arc flash at each piece of electrical equipment, then label your equipment to indicate the hazard.

Electrical work on the Fire Suppresion System

Whether it is a fire suppression system in a kitchen or a spray booth, your system needs to be in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire code.

We specialize on fixing electrical deficiencies on fire suppression systems.

Our work guarantees the proper connection of all appliances, horn-strobe, exhaust fan, supply fan and the electric gas valves up to the fire protection system.


Power flow Study

Power flow analysis is widely used in power system operation and planning. The power flow model of a power system is built using the relevant network, load, and generation data. Outputs of the power flow model include voltages at different buses, line flows in the network, and system losses.

Also know as Load Flow study is a steady-state analysis whose target is to determine the voltages, currents, and real and reactive power flows in a system under a given load conditions.

Fault analysis in Power systems

Usually, a power system operates under balanced conditions with all equipment’s carrying normal load currents and also the bus voltages inside the prescribed limits. This condition can be disrupted because of fault within the system. If the electrical fault current exceeds the interrupting rating of the protective device, the consequences can be devastating. It can be a serious threat to human life and is capable of causing injury, extensive equipment damage.

Protection coordination studies

The purpose of the protection coordination study is to verify that the various protection devices in your system, relays, breakers, fuses, etc. are coordinated correctly and are sized appropriately for the equipment that they are protecting.